Smart Payroll

    We make It Easy To Pay Your People!

    Don’t worry about complex Payroll and Workers’ Compensation stuff – We do it for you!

    With use automated smart calculations to facilitate payments to employees. We even automate your payday filing, tax payments, and turn your Workers’ Compensation strategy into a Profit Center!

    Smart Payroll Technology

    Workers' Comp Mastery

    Running your own payroll is exhausting, and can be an unprofitable use of your time and resources. It also requires an extensive amount of expertise to navigate the constantly changing tax and employment laws – which differ from state to state.

    Our payroll administration service eliminates virtually all of the overhead required to run your own payroll. Our expert HR staff can take care of it all, from properly classifying employees to coordinating all tax reporting, including year-end W2s and 1099s. From wage garnishments to federal tax liability withholding, we’re here to handle it for you.


    25 Years of Customer Service

    The Difference Is Clear

    Smart Cloud-Based Payroll & Smart Insurance


    We ensure your employees get paid on time – so you don’t have to worry about it.


    We handle all your tax forms and reporting, ensuring compliance with state and federal laws.


    We’ll provide comprehensive payroll reports on a regular basis for your review.


    When employees owe the IRS, we handle their wage garnishments for you.


    Never worry about taxes again – we ensure timely deposits are always handled.


    As a benefit to your employees, we offer direct deposits for wages.

    our approach

    Smart Workers' Comp

    Smart Payroll

    Our Cloud-Based Payroll System is so easy, you can run all your HR needs directly from your phone. It’s possible to onboard new employees directly from the field and our cloud-based timecards make tracking employees even easier!

    Workers' Compensation

    As an employer, you can operate from a powerful place of leverage from our program’s pool of resources when it comes to insurance rates and accounting services.

    Risk Management

    Comprehensive risk management is becoming more and more necessary for business success. Without proper risk mitigation, a growing company could be at risk of losing it all. A massive lawsuit can destroy a company without deep pockets.

    Payroll Financing

    Our Smart Payroll Financing provides your business with immediate capital to free up capital and fund monthly staff expenditure. This can be seamlessly integrated into your payroll.

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    How It Works

    Smart Workers' Compensation

    What Every Business Should Know About Worker’s Comp

    In virtually every state Worker’s Compensation insurance is mandatory. Employers are required to carry Workman’s Comp Insurance on their employees. Employers who do not carry Worker’s Comp for their employees (and may be paying small claims “out of pocket”) risk being personally liable for all medical bills from ANY accident in addition to significant governmental fines.

    How It Works

    It’s 1-2-3 Simple!

    You look back each week to see who in your company worked.

    Document the classification code they worked under.

    Report the hours the employees worked. It’s that simple!

    Smart Business Workflows

    The 5 Secrets Business Owners Wish They Knew About Workers’ Compensation Before They Lost So Much Money

    There are five basic secrets to becoming more competitive in your market niche and dominate your competition by taking control of Workers’ Comp costs and turning it into a profit center!

    Get this free guide now and take control of the hidden costs to workers' comp!