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Florida Workers’ Compensation and Payroll Services for Hurricane Ian Relief Workers

Insurance and licensing compliance can be complicated. Let our experts fast-track you to getting to work!

Whether you’re a Florida resident or have traveled to the region to assist with recovery efforts, workers’ comp is necessary to ensure that you’re covered in the event that your employees are injured on the job. Instead of hassling with individual insurance and payroll providers, you can partner with TPM to take care of all your administrative needs.


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Stop Work Orders

The State of Florida deploys teams of inspectors to go to jobsites to monitor compliance. If your business is found to have failed to secure workers’ compensation coverage or materially understated or concealed payroll, or misrepresented employee duties in order to evade paying the correct workers’ compensation premium, they will issue a Stop Work Order. Our program will be bring you into immediate compliance and if you have already received a Stop Work Order, we can help you get your employees back to the job site ASAP.

Florida Stop Work Order

Instant Compliance

Our workers’ compensation and payroll services can allow you to put your efforts where they’re needed: Getting contracts and sending out workers instead of on excess paperwork and insurance requirements!

Florida Workers Comp

Florida Workers Comp Certificate

We will make sure you have the certificates you need to start work right away. Once you plug in too our program, you can add on new job sites and get the compliance documents you need easily.

Florida Workers Comp Certtificate

Compliance Is
Simple as 1 -2 -3

Recent History

You look back each week to see who in your company worked.

Type of Work

Document the classification code they worked under.


Report the hours they worked. It’s that simple!

Frequently Asked Questions

? Do I need a special license?

Florida’s construction licensing is governed by Chapters 455 and 489, Florida Statutes. It provides that anyone engaged in construction must have the appropriate license. The definition of “contractor” under Section 489.105, Florida Statutes, requires that any person who seeks to “construct, repair, alter, remodel, add to, demolish, subtract from, or improve any building or structure” must have a license.

? I am from out of state!

An out-of-state roofing contractor could work for a Florida licensed roofing contractor by having its employees be placed on payroll, properly insured, and paid as employees under the licensed roofing contractor. We can help!

? What if I received a stop work order?

Our program will be bring you into immediate compliance and if you have already received a Stop Work Order, we can help you get your employees back to the job site ASAP!

? How do I get started?

Engage with our special assistant and she will guide you to your personal liaison that will handle everything and quickly get you in compliance and your prospective employees onto the job site!

? What Classifications do you work with?

We Assist All Industries and Contractor Classifications

? How can you do work as an out-of-state contractor?

If you are unlicensed but doing non-specialty work like demolition, drywall, carpentry or masonry, you can work under the supervision of a licensed Florida contractor. You will need a subcontract agreement and you will also want to verify that you have commercial general liability and workers’ compensation insurance (Florida endorsed) that is legally sufficient to work in Florida.

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